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Quantum Energy Equilibrium (QEE@)

Supporting the energy transition by promoting a collective circular ecosystem towards Energy Sovereignty.

The Quantum Energy Equilibrium framework (QEE@) sets up the basis for an innovative model that brings together green energy (renewables EaaS), efficiency (data analytics), innovation (smart algorithms, IoT, Machine Learning) and trust, empowering people, bringing abundance and giving value to sustainable energy.

Promoting different initiatives that can facilitate the energy transition and help to make the difference:

- Quantum Energy Sustainable Goals - Performance based Energy Efficiency is a new model for commercial energy management providing savings for businesses that can benefit from more efficient green energy resources at a more competitive cost.

- Quantum Vacuum Energy - The International Space Federation marks a new step in human evolution. A deeper understanding of the nature of reality through the unification of physics and science generates a direct engineering path to significant energy production: from the structure of quantum vacuum fluctuations and the alteration and control of the spacetime curvature to yield gravity control.

- Quantum Electrification - There is a united sense of purpose across the aviation sector to move towards greener solutions that will have proven efficiency and performance and become less reliant on fossil fuels. Wright 1 is a full electric airplane that lower fuel cost, noise, emissions, and runway take off time. Wright Electric and Axter Aerospace are leading this project betting on the future of sustainable, lower emissions air travel.


Local Energy Communities

Efiduero project is a new unique and pioneering cross-border model in Spain and Portugal, which aims to make the rural environment competitive by guaranteeing the energy independence of towns through a clean energy source such as solar. 


Distributed solar PV systems in homes, commercial buildings and industrial facilities are set to take off, bringing significant changes in power systems. A rapid rise in the ability of consumers to generate their own electricity presents new opportunities and challenges for electricity providers and policy makers around the world. Distributed PV total capacity more than doubles, surpassing 500 GW in the main forecast (and 600 GW in the accelerated case), almost half of total solar PV growth and a similar expansion to onshore wind.


Building Bridges & Belonging

Bouncing Beyond Business as usual through a platform for people driven by a simple purpose, to make our planet a better place for all (Humanizy).

Mission - to provide easy-to-access and easy-to-use tools to Enhance Places Inspiring Collaborations (EPIC Spaces) building up a community of purpose-driven people connecting, promoting and facilitating cross-border cooperation for collective impact.

Vision - reconnecting communities to nature integrating awareness, inspiration and engagement towards a sustainable way of living (BB4Planet).

We are co-creating this project to help everyone to remember we are all special and together we can make a difference in the world.

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