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Proud to work mainly on sustainable Projects that generate added value to our society. Keeping an eye on innovation and creativity and try to anticipate the market. From Clean Tech to Nanotechnology, covering different industries to support sustainable models to be scalable in the Global Market.





The effects of the climate change require urgent measures changing the fundamentals of the current model to become a low carbon economy.


Reversing this thread is a must and can be seen as a wonderful opportunity to bet on transparency and innovation creating collaborative ecosystems by engaging all the value supply chain.


There are more and more conscious people developing sustainable projects all around the world that are open windows to engage and be part of this change. 


Together, we can make it happen.



According to market forecasts, the installed PV power capacity of 408 GW at the end of 2017 could triple by 2023. At the end of 2018, worldwide solar PV power is expected to exceed 500 GW capable of producing roughly 2.8 % of the worldwide electricity demand. The EU’s share is about one fifth of the world-wide installed capacity and can provide about 4.5 % of its electricity demand.

To realise a carbon free power supply by 2050, the installed PV generation capacity of about 500 GW at the end of 2018 has to increase to more than 4 TW by 2025 and 21.9 TW by 2050 to make it happen. The European Union needs to increase its capacity from 115 GW at the end of 2018 to more than 631 GW by 2025 and 1.94 TW by 2050.


Whilst existing battery technologies such as lead acid and lithium-ion batteries will dominate the battery market in the coming years, advanced and post lithium-ion batteries given the right conditions can potentially take a considerable percentage of the whole battery market.

A new generation of battery technologies will be necessary in order to address the existing and future challenges of the increasingly complex energy systems our society will require. Better batteries will be required not only in electric cars and consumer electronics but in wearable electronics, electric boats and aircrafts, in your house, office and communities.

Energy Storage Revolution is an exciting project which main goal is to develop, market and distribute energy storage solutions based on the latest Technology.