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David Parejo - Sustainability Change Maker

Over twenty years' international business development experience. A first-rate business analyst with a multilingual international management background and a portfolio of global contacts and experience both leading diverse teams and serving in support on consulting roles.


His background is supported by more than a decade fighting climate change within Clean Energy and Clean Tech. In recent years, his involvement with startups pushing emerging technologies where primary value lies in identifying points of leverage for rapid scaling and developing the structural and visionary resources towards sustainability and added-value-for-all based projects.

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Pedro Jurado - Technology Free Thinker

More than fifteen years of technical leadership experience. An experienced consultant CTO with a broad technology and management understanding.


As a startup founder himself, he advocated his time to provide an affordable CTO service for startups and SME, bringing better chances of success to the company. His firm, Matebil, has evolved to a Management As A Service company, filling the gaps in the corporate structure within operations, technology and executive management.


In the past years, he has started a career as a Mentor for ESIC Business school or Meet-a-Mentor. He is also the founder of Hands-on Sustainability, a community of micro-mentoring session for impact startups and entrepreneurs.

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IT IS ALL ABOUT PEOPLE. Having worked on different industries in several countries, a valuable networking of contacts and long term partnership relationships is the best ASSET. Working on a project to project basis and building teams according to the customized requirements is the best way to be SUCCESSFUL.


As part of ACOCEX, an NGO that brings together more than 50 professionals with over 15 years experience in decision making and executive tasks within international projects. 


Associates have experience in Management and Executive Positions for International projects thanks to Technical training and practice in the field of foreign trade throughout the CICP accreditation ® 


ACOCEX professionals undertake to comply with its code of professional conduct: 

  • Ethics in the performance of his career with the presentation of clear and specific budgets and actions to be taken to achieve objectives.

  • Honesty in the performance of the project implementation and personalized customer development.

  • Commitment in meeting deadlines and work effectively in developing engagements.

  • Client Orientation and ability to develop Team Building to deliver on projects.


The Fun Business Network

The Fun Business Network was created from frustration that business networking can be unproductive and not much fun for some! Whether it's sales talks, pressure to give leads or getting no leads yourself, it's easy to wonder why you go networking. 

After floating the question: How do we make things different in a fun, engaging way, we listened to what our members wanted more of and adapted the format to accommodate it. In short, we believe that good networkers deserve to be paid for results. When our members can make money from each other's business and know that they all deliver great results, everybody wins.

Our network is about building relationships as a foundation for good business, and making sure that those who give the best referrals get paid for doing so, without any pressure to attend every week. For this reason we do not talk business for the first part of our events. We get to know each other, and then decide whether we like each other enough to want to get to know their business.

Our philosophy is: it's ok to mix business and fun. Since people buy people, let's get to know each other properly, and then work out how to make our businesses and the world better.